With the onset of colder weather, Holland Broadbridge urges homes owners to be mindful of the effects a burst pipe can have as a result of freezing temperatures. By taking a few simple steps, the chances of a burst pipe can be minimised.

  1. winter water issuesKeeping the heating on can be the most effective way to prevent a burst pipe. Holland Broadbridge advises 21 degrees as an average temperature.
  2. Locating the water stop tap and ensuring it is working property will ensure you are able to stop excess water without delay.
  3. Home owners who are leaving their property for long periods, should consider draining the central heating system and water pipes. With no water in the pipes, the damaging effects of a burst pipe can be minimised.
  4. Exposed water tanks or pipes in the loft can be insulated at a relatively low cost, compared to a costly insurance claim. Contact a local plumber who will be able to undertake the work.
  5. Regular servicing of your boiler will ensure it is in good working order and avoid a breakdown during the colder months, leaving pipes vulnerable to the cold during extremely low temperatures. 


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